Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All in a Days Work

William is applying a light coat of topdressing.  This is a routine cultural practice
to the greens.  The sand helps to decompose the thatch, firm up the putting surface as a result faster putting speeds are achieved.  The sand also fills in
ball marks that have not been fixed

Claudio is brushing the greens with a coco mat.  This is a lite weight mat that helps push the sand
into the canopy and also smooths out any piles.

Martin is using the aerovator to break up the hard pan areas from
cart and equipment traffic along with areas that have not fully greened up.
fertilizer and water will follow this procedure.  The aerovator is like a aerator except it also wiggles as it is being pulled by the tractor.  This allows for a bigger hole and helps to break up the hard pan areas.

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