Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Equipment Access Road Behind 10 Tee

Cutting slope down behind 10 tee

Retaining wall installed and fine grading path

Prepping area for grass

Wood for retaining walls came from the 4X6's that were
removed on 11 bridge during constructions

Mulch was used on the path to reduce erosion

Aeration Recovery

Recovery of aeration after 16 days

Another view of aeration recovery

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Checking Sand Depths

Claudio and Manuel checking sand depths and adding sand
where it is needed

Adding sand to the slope on #3 green side bunker

The bunkers will seem alittle soft for about a week until we get a good rain. 

Spring 1/2 inch Aeration to Greens

Topdress greens with a heavy application of sand

Aerate green using 1/2 inch hollow tines

Blow plugs off to the edges of the greens.  This also helps
Blow the sand into the holes.  Piles will be removed by hand

Aeration Pattern

Following steps:
Roll the greens
Brush greens 2 x if needed
Application of Fertilizer with soil amendments

Next week, second application of sand to completely fill holes