Tuesday, July 20, 2010

course Updates

The Venting of the greens using the 9mm tines went well on Monday. The greens have been rolled and there is hardly any evidence that anything was done. Although there is litlle disruption these tiny holes do provide a good channel for air to move into the root zone which helps to cool the plant.

The Bermuda grass is really growing with the hot temperture and weekly fertilization. The beginning of the summer was truely a beast. The early extreme heat really effected the transition of the rye to Bermuda grass along with the heavy shaded areas along the fairways cut. We have replaced the big areas of Bermuda grass that we felt would not grow in before fall. These areas should all blend in nicely during the next couple of weeks.

The shade lines on 3,10 and 15 will be sprayed out and reseeded during the middle of August. We will use a blend of shade tolerate fescue and rye grass. This is a better option for these heavy shaded areas. Will will also be looking at tree removal through out the entire property to help with better Bermuda growth in the future.

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